The smart PRO remote control replaces the well-known PRO remote control, which is rightly the “device number 1” of any laser tag club. Progress doesn’t stand still and the new device can brag of more informative display including to 5 lines of the text, the convenient intuitively-understandable interface considerably facilitating a choice of commands, as well as the capacious built-in battery which can be charged from any USB-charging. Energy-saving technologies and settings of economical operating modes allow the remote control to stay in sleep mode for up to six months, while maintaining its operability without additional charging.

The device has a built-in Li-battery and can be charged from any USB charger or computer. The charging process is controlled by the indicator and is no different from charging your smartphone. When the battery is fully charged, the battery life of the remote control depends on the brightness settings, sleep time and vibration level. We measured its continuous operation time with a continuously lit indicator and it exceeded 27 hours, and in everyday use, its activity time is measured in minutes. The power saving mode allows you to do up to six months without recharging.

We are sure that instructors and administrators of laser tag clubs will appreciate the convenience and functionality of the new device. We wish you interesting games and good luck in business!

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eur 115
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