The Smart RGB headband used to support only one weapon set. This is not always convenient, especially for players who love to pull the trigger to the end. Such players often discover that their magazines are empty at the crucial point. We have considered this and are now ready to introduce the new Smart RGB headband for two play sets. How does it differ from the already existing model?

In the new device, the construction and the circuit design have been revised. The reliability of the Bluetooth connection has been increased and the power supply diagram has been improved. When being charged, the control platform heats up less. Changes have been made to the software, too. Now, the Smart RGB headband firmware can be updated using laser tag configurator. No additional programs and utilities are required. The process of updating is easy and familiar to all laser tag players. To change to admin mode, press and hold the switch button for 10 seconds until the control unit LEDs start glowing red. Open laser tag configurator, go to settings and update the microprogram, just as you would do with any other LASERWAR play set.

In the new firmware, we have revised the Anti-cheat system. The time threshold has been changed, the flickering color used for indication has been changed from violet to red and blue. Testing done in the process of the games proved them more noticeable in any condition. The width of the Smart RGB headband has been changed, too. It has been made 3 mm thinner. A player won’t sweat during an intensive game, while the vibroindication will become more distinct. In addition to the abovementioned, the device now supports two weapons. Therefore, it is equipped with two LEDs on the control unit instead of one.

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eur 105
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