The Makarov pistol was created in 1948 for the needs of the Soviet Army. Thanks to LASERWAR, now, one of the most popular pistols is available to buy!

The design, mechanics, reliability, ease of use, quality of manufacture and assembly of all parts are identical to the original pistol. The tagger is light and extremely durable, the weight is just 730 grams. It’s very comfortable to hold the weapon in your hand. Use the bolt to reload the weapon. The weapon is equipped with a return spring, the players will not have to return the bolt carrier to the starting position while recharging the weapon. The maximum firing range is 40 m. The length is 169 mm. Press the button to turn on the weapon. A charging socket is located nearby. A lithium accumulator (750 mAh) gives you up to 10 hours of great performance.

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eur 333
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