The weapon is based on a CAA airsoft model. . The frame is made of plastic and silumin, it is light and durable. The weight is only 3 kg.   The length varies from 88 to 98 cm due to a collapsible buttstock. The rubber-coated cheek pad makes aiming very comfortable.

On each side of the foregrip there are Picatinny rails for additional equipment. On top of the receiver there is one more rail for installing a sight. Use the safety catch to turn on the weapon, the bolt is responsible for reloading.

The lithium accumulator (3 Ah) gives you up to 30 hours of great performance. The power socket is hidden in the pistol grip. The optics provides a good range of 180 meters. Please note that we use a special polyamide tube for the M-series frames, which makes M-451 look authentic.

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eur 445
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