Sleeve patches are the essential feature of laser tag games. Such an element signifies belonging to a particular team. 98% of all sleeve patches are called chevrons, although this name is not entirely correct. A chevron is a graphic sign. It is made up of two strips. Their ends are joined, forming a corner. Initially, it had a cross shape, although gradually its look and purpose changed. Chevrons used to indicate the rank and years of service. Yet the history of this term has been forgotten.

In spite of the definitions given to words in dictionaries, we hardly ever use them with their primary meaning. A chevron in laser tag implies team’s common interests and unity. Besides fulfilling the informational function, a sleeve patch influences discipline. Laser tag fighters with similar clothes elements find their feet on the battlefield, and better interact with each other.

We have improved the design of sleeve patches. The clarity of the inscription is achieved by the contrast of black and white, special typeface and close stitching. The patch is attached to clothes by means of a VELCRO. It is easy to remove and to wash.

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