The weapon has a metal body with plastic elements. All the electronics are inside the frame, and everything works picture perfect. The device has a safety catch and a fire mode switch. The safety catch turns the weapon on/off.

The weapon is relatively heavy (3.55 kg), due to the body materials used (metal and special plastic). But despite that, it is comfortable to hold KRISS VECTOR as well as to shoot from it. The length of the device varies, thanks to the collapsible buttstock. 58 cm (folded position), 80 cm (unfolded position).

The device has three Picatinny rails, the top one is for the backsight and foresight, which can be removed if needed. The rail at the bottom (included in the game set) has a tactical grip. Use the bolt to reload the weapon. The 3000 mAh lithium accumulator gives up to 36 hours of great performance. KRISS VECTOR from ELITE series is one of the best quality weapons in LASERWAR history. Without doubt, it will find the buyer.

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eur 805
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