You need to purchase defeat sensors for your play set.

Attention! This model is produced only with ParallaX optical system!

Specially for the lovers of close quarter battles and assault rifles we have created the ARP 556 model. Its distinction from ARP 9 is that, while keeping the same small dimensions, this is the assault rifle for 5,56 mm ammo with a standard M-series magazine. 

The weight of the rifle is 2.1 kg. The core of the game set is a Li+ 2.2 Ah accumulator, which grants 30 hours of performance. Charging is available with any LASERWAR Li+ devices.

By the aluminum top cap of the frame, the weight of the game set is more than 300 g than previous model. The firing mode switch is two-sided, and the length of the set is 30 mm longer than of the submachine gun.

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eur 475
Additional costs may apply. Send us a message for final price.