The assault rifle AR-15 RANGER — a worthy opponent of the Kalashnikov rifle — is in the LASERWAR arsenal of laser tag weapons.

Detailed design. The meticulous design of the internal structure takes the unmatched durability which characterized LASERWAR models. Each component of the device, from switches and batteries to electronic modules and displays, is located in a strictly designated area, specially designed for it. All components of the layout are securely fixed, that gives +100 points to its reliability.

Housing. The recognizable features of the AR-15 have been implemented in the LASERWAR corporate style with a highly detailed layout, where every detail is functional and thoughtful.

Battery. A 3000 mAh lithium battery will allow you to play for up to one and a half days without recharging in winter or summer.

Length – 72 cm. Weight – 1.3 kg.

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