Based on a CYMA airsoft gun. Cast metal. The impact resistant handguard is its chief distinctive feature compared to the previous version. Just as before, the AKS-74U combines the features of airsoft guns and replicas of real-life guns. The resulting combination of low price and exceptional quality is perfect for renting out. It will suit both adults and children, for it only weighs 2.5 kilos (just as the MP-514, which has become a favorite among many players). The game set has a foldable stock. It is 86 cm long, 62 cm with the stock folded.

The device can be switched on using an advanced security mechanism, which is located on the magazine (the magazine design has been borrowed from the real-life gun replica). Button reload (among all its strong features the breechblock is a weak one). The 3 Ah lithium-ion accumulator provides up to 30 hours of continuous operation of the device.

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eur 360
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