The body of the blaster is made from impact resistant plastic with added polymer ingredients. This material is durable and light. The AK-12LT only weighs 1 kg. For all that, the set is 70 cm long. The AK-12LT play set is a true copy of its real-life prototype.

The integrated scopes guarantee defeat at a distance of up to 250 metres. The 2.2 Ah lithium-ion accumulator guarantees up to 30 hours of continuous operation. And an additional accumulator is optionally available. The new acoustic technology implemented in the blaster ensures a more intense and loud sound. The trigger has been improved and modernized. It is moulded from a pleasant to the touch plastic. The axle constraints and braces ensures its smooth operation. The device can be switched on using the advance security lock above the gun grip on the left-hand side of the frame. It is fitted with a reload button.

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