The weapon steel body makes the tagger virtually indestructible, even at the rental conditions, and the use of weapons-grade plastic for rails reduces the overall weight.The device can be turned on by means of a fire mode selector. Besides, the selector is used to choose between the single fire mode and the auto fire mode. Use the bolt to reload the weapon.

The rifle has a folding collapsible buttstock, resembling an American rifle buttstock. The rubber pad of the buttstock fits comfortably to the shoulder, and the four-position latch allows the buttstock to slide apart by 7 cm.The ParallaX tube of the optical system practically does not differ from the standard DTCK and can provide a range of 300-400 m, and the Prism, stylized as a PBS, will allow to fire at a distance of 175-230 m.

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eur 530
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