Power supply

The wireless headband is powered by  a lithium accumulator (1,400 mAh ),
which gives you  from 24 up to 36 hours of great performance (the previous accumulator capacity was 750mAh ). The full accumulator charge takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes. Li + accumulators are used both in headbands and guns.


Due to small SMD elemets we managed to create a small board. We use a 3-layer Eprotect varnishing system that prevents a  short circuit, electromagnetic interference, condensate formation. In addition, the main sensor board is fully compatible with the fourth-generation hardware. 

Seven TSOP 4856 sensors (the old headband had only four) receive 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical signals.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth wireless technology provides secure, stable communication at a distance of up to 10 meters. If the headband or gun accumulator is discharged, you won’t need a separate personal computer to change the settings, just turn on the spare headband, and it will automatically connect with your weapon. It takes 3 seconds to establish a good connection. Just plug and play.


The sensors are protected by domes made of polycarbonate. The material is  200 times stronger than glass. Shock load tests have shown that new sensors are veryhard to brake. Moreover, the sensor material is resistant to extreme temperatures (from – 50 to + 120 degrees). Because of the convex shape of the dome, the bright LEDs have become brighter. The Vishay LEDs (TLWR series) are very reliable and super bright.
The set includes improved cuffs made of watertight fabric that protects the electronic components from moisture. 
Please follow safety rules! This game set is forbidden to wash. Only the detachable hygienic cuff is permitted to wash.

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eur 60
Additional costs may apply. Send us a message for final price.