The device uses a specially designed motherboard. The main difference from the old-style boards – improved interconnection wiring and SMD technology. The quality of electronics has been improved thanks to three-layer varnishing. To “AA” batteries will give you great performance of up to three months. Don’t forget you can change the settings using our special software. There are four buttons:

Button 1 – “New game”
Button 2 – “Change the team’s color to red”
Button 3 – “Change the team’s color to blue”
Button 4 – “Pause/unpause the player”

The new firmware allows you to change settings for 8 teams.  Use the Shift mode to make the device even more functional. Hold button 1 for 5 seconds to enter the mode. The blinking LEDs will indicate you have entered the mode. Hold button 1 for 5 seconds to exit the mode. If the user takes no action, the device will automatically quit the mode in 4 minutes and turn on a low power consumption mode.

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eur 45
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