This grenade launcher is ideal for the AK-12LT PREDATOR PRO play set. Due to its compact dimensions and light weight, the grenade launcher can be comfortably fitted under the receiver on the RIS rail of the PREDATOR. The weight of the grenade launcher is 1000 grams. The body is made from aluminium alloyThe effective firing range is 60 meters. The gun is fitted with a button for producing shots. The unique optical system provides high effective firing range. The delay after shooting makes the weapon more authentic.

The device is automatically reloadedHits are registered with a delay after shooting. Reloading mode, delay after shooting, amount of underbarrel grenades and the damage done by an underbarrel grenade detonation can be set up using the laser tag configurator in the section Devices – Underbarrel grenade launcher.

Please note! You need to send your blaster to LASERWAR technical support center for integration when buying an underbarrel grenade launcher. Mounting an underbarrel grenade launcher is optional. Yet once it has been mounted, it becomes an integral part of the construction. Special weights will be fitted into the stock in order to balance up the laser tag weapon

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eur 125
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