LASERWAR tactical shield is for those who are tired of quick fire exchange, speedy checkpoint captures, this item will be a perfect solution. For using a shield suggests a measured battle, in which any tactical move influences the outcome.

The dimensions of the shield (990 mm high, 490 mm wide) will allow 2-3 players to hide behind it.

Of course, weapons choice is limited for a player using a shield: one will have to opt for a compact pistol to be able to defend oneself against the rivals. Therefore, one had better use protective equipment provided there are well though out tactics and organized team. The potential of the shield can be used to the full in narrow corridors, door frames, dark corners. Therefore, rival team players need to provide proper control over key points.

There is a defeat sensor on the front side of the shield and an electronics unit with an IR-diode on the inner side. At the beginning of the game the shield possesses 100% health points and reliably protects the player who covers their headband behind it. Every hit in the shield will lower the amount of its health points. After all the health points are over the electronics unit will transmit every shot recieved by the sensor to the inner side of Tactical Shield. Thus a player is deprived of the opportunity to avoid damage.

The device is fitted with a window and two integrated LED torches. To switch the torches on and off, one must use the buttons on the inside of the shield. The shield is fitted with a grip for holding with one’s hand and a belt loop for securing on one’s arm. One can hold it with either right or left hand. The device only weighs 4 kilograms, making it ideal for long games. The convex shape will be admired by authenticity and comfort lovers.

Included in this price are the scenarios in which a special forces team assaults a terrorists’ building, tactical skills improvement, working as a team and a special atmosphere that will certainly become the distinctive feature of your club. LASERWAR tactical shield is now for sale at our online store.

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eur 240
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