LASERWAR company produces lots of additional equipment. The «Pro» remote control is one of such devices. This device has been used in all major laser tag-events and has been approved by many players. You can change settings, scenarios right on the go. The remote control is a fully functional portable station, say goodbye to your pc with all its software. Lithium accumulators give you up to 40 hours of great performance. The device has an OLED display with a wide view angle, low power consumption, high brightness level. The display is embedded in the frame. It prevents accidental damage during the game.

The remote control is made of rough plastic, now you can hold it comfortably in your hands. Use the anti-vandal lock located on the right side of the frame, the charging socket is on the opposite side. LASERWAR engineers have managed to create a device of high quality.

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eur 100
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