The construction of the body the device has the following identifying features: It was impossible to place a large-capacity battery inside the body. That’s why the device has a 2200 mAh lithium battery that gives up to 30 hours of great performance. We also had to use a speaker from MINI series for the same reason. But thanks to the acoustic characteristics, the game set has a relatively loud sound.

The weight is 3.1 kg. The size of the weapon varies (from 66 to 87 cm) due to the collapsible buttstock. The weapon has to rails for installing the sights: a standard rail designed for domestic weapons (KV-80 bracket) is located on the left side of the receiver.

The folded buttstock can’t be fixed If you use the side bracket. Use the safety catch to turn on the device and the bolt to reload it. The polyamide tube gives a good range of 100 – 200 meters.Despite its reliability and excellent performance, we don’t recommend the game set for rental clubs. However, due to the low battery capacity, we recommend you use the device as your secondary weapon.

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eur 515
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