The device has digital sound support and a great design. The 3W dynamics can be heard from a long way off. Professional sound effects will add new emotions to your game. Command post is a unique laser tag device.

All electronic components are compactly arranged in the cover which has a plywood sheet for protection. The power source is a lead-acid accumulator (2,2 Ah) that gives you a day of great performance. Inside you have enough space that you can use for transporting small equipment – first aid kits, grenades, mines, remote controls, artifacts, etc. Dimensions: 27 х 27 х 38.5 cm. The device also has carrying handles for player’s convenience.

Use the lock to turn on the weapon. The lock is at the back side of the cover near the power socket.
There are 15 bright LEDs and 2 photo sensors (the sensors are located under the infrared diodes).

“Command Post” operating rules

Having turned on the device you should choose a scenario. There are three scenarios – “Basic first aid kit”, “Capture the Base”, “Confrontation”. Choose the suitable scenario within three seconds. Otherwise, the last selected scenario will be activated. Change the scenario by briefly pressing the big button on top of the “command post.” After selecting a scenario, wait three seconds – you will hear the following sound: “command center is activated.” 
Let’s talk more about the scenarios:

“Basic first aid kit”

Command Posts are located at the bases of the warring parties and act as first-aid kits. The devices send “dead” players back into fight completely restoring life and ammo. To make it all work, press the red button – the device will bring to life players within a radius of 1.5 meters.
Hold down the red button until you hear a single beep and the auto mode will be activated – the command post will revive players who are within its range. You can set the time between the signals using MILSIM-configurator settings. To change the scenario, you should restart the command post.

“Capture the Base” 

It looks very similar to the scenario with control points. The command posts are equidistant from the team bases. But there are tangible differences that make the game with command posts more interesting. 

Firstly, you should fire at the photosensors at a distance of 1 – 3 meters.

Secondly, you can change the number of hits needed to capture the command post using MILSIM-configurator. And if the player did not manage to capture the command post, then after some time, the number of hits required to capture it will be increased by 1 until it reaches the initial amount. 
When captured the control point’s color will be changed. you will hear a special sound – “control point has been captured.” 

Thirdly, the “Capture Base” scenario means that the command post will periodically emit radiation. You can’t stand close to the device for a long time. The MILSIM-configurator will help you to change the settings.
Also you can change the time of the round. When the “Capture the Base” mode is selected, you will hear the “choose the time of the round” sound. Press the red button to change the time.

2 minutes – 1 beep;
5 minutes – 2 beeps;
10 minutes – 3 beeps;
15 minutes – 4 beeps;
30 minutes – 5 beeps;
60 minutes – 6 beeps;
120 minutes – 7 beeps;

In the “command post” the round countdown time begins immediately right after the signal “command center is activated.” After the allotted time, the color of the LEDs will be changed into the winner’s color.

“Confrontation”. Ideally, you need two devices – one for each team. They will become a stronghold of the opposing sides and will be placed at the bases. In this scenario, the device will restore life and replenish ammunition only to the team it belongs to. Use our MILSIM-Configurator to change the settings. If the command post is attacked by an opponent, the number of ammunition and “recoveries” will start decreasing, until you hear the signal “the base is under attack, ammo destroyed.” After that, the LEDs will change their color to neutral, the device will run a self-recovery mode. The mod’s time is set using the MILSIM-configurator. You can disable this option. 

Please note the following: The command post in this scenario doesn’t add health points to injured players it returns the “dead” players back to the fight. The command post is a game set that has no equal. This device is packed with tons of useful functions. And the unusual design makes it stand out from all the rest.

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