BATTLEFIELD PRO has the best features of the previous models. BATTLEFIELD PRO control point is created for capturing key points. There are 3 buttons on its surface: red, green and blue. So by default, only three teams can play simultaneously. At the beginning of the game, the point is neutral. If you hold the button of your team for a definite period, BATTLEFIELD PRO will turn into your team’s color. After that, you’ll hear a loud buzz. An opposite team can recapture the point. The glow color will change then. The team that conrols the point for certain preset time wins.

The main feature is you aren’t to use laser tag weapons. A player should just press the button of their team’s color and hold it for several seconds. To do this, a player should be virtually alive. If they are killed during pressing the button, they have to release it and go away.

BATTLEFIELD is a universal device and can be used not only in laser tag scenarios but also in paintball and airsoft.

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eur 110
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