The weapon is based on a mass-dimensional frame from Izhevsk Mechanical Plant – a famous manufacturer that has been a leader on the market for many decades. The weapon runs on specially designed firmware. Due to special electronics, you can use two optical systems at the same time.

You can fire the weapon by using the trigger point. The underbarrel grenade reloads automatically (takes 10 seconds by default) if the player doesn’t fire or reload the main weapon. The tube is made of durable polyamide material, the optimal range is 120-200 meters, the weapon’s range is up to 60 meters, the killing zone – 5-6 meters. The game set is very effective when playing indoors. 

Here you can find many great LASERWAR features: The high-quality trigger system (uses a microswitch), the safety-catch, Li+ accumulators. The loud sound effects (‘flying bullet’ sound). The frame with an underbarrel grenade is rarely available for sale. Don’t miss the chance and buy the weapon  The weapon is sold in small lots.

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eur 837
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