official laserwar ceritficate

LaserWar Weapons And Tactics is a company founded in 2020 as official representative of the LASERWAR company and the official distributor of LaserWar equipment in Serbia. Our priority is the entertainment and recreation of all fans of extreme sports, adrenaline, weapons, police and military in a fun but safe and secure way. We are distinguished by our dedication to work, professionalism, experience and seriousness. We know the LaserWar equipment and how it works, and we have experience in using the equipment at our disposal. We are big fans of military history, tactics, MILSIM, AirSoft and Paintball. We want to offer the citizens of Serbia something new in the field of entertainment and recreation. In addition to renting, we also sell equipment!

We are currently the only company in Serbia to have this type of LaserWar equipment! We have equipment available so far that was only available to members of the police and military, mainly for tactical exercises by the world's elite units. The American Seal Team, the British SAS, the Russian SPECNAZ and our Falcons use exactly this kind of equipment for their exercises and simulations. Exactly such equipment is now available for all of you who want to try out in ultra-realistic combat simulation. LaserWar Weapons And Tactics has weapons and equipment that have the highest degree of identity compared to genuine and original weapon models. In our arsenal, we have everything from sniper rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, pistols and knives for close laserwar combat. Of course, in addition to such weapons, it is important to mention our laserwar shells and special laserwar bombs with timers that allow a wide range of scenarios and games! Our instructors are there to make sure that the LaserWar experience remains a beautiful memory and adventure.

We are authorized by the Russian LASERWAR company as the official representative and distributor of LaserWar equipment in Serbia. We have experience in using LaserWar and LaserTag equipment, and are very familiar with the Laws and Regulations related to this business. For this reason, in addition to selling equipment, we also provide our clients with support services throughout the purchase process as well as consulting related to starting their own businesses. We know the procedure and the necessary logistics and documentation. With our partners, shipping agencies handle import and purchase very easily and quickly. We even pick up the goods for you from Customs and deliver it to your home address. As an authorized representative of the LASERWAR company we are here to teach you how to use the equipment, but also to adjust and install it according to your requirements.