This device gives you lower options that will make it all the more interesting. It can publish all the cheats of all players, steal a new game, heal a wound, reload ammo, add ammo (a certain amount), stun enemies, disarm enemies, power up, give anomalies, change colors, turn on or use friendly fires and more!

The frame is made of metal. High-end devices feature a polyester sticker that is resistant to wear and tear. The device is immune to low and high temperatures. FIRST AID SMART PACKAGE: length – 25 cm; width – 14,5 cm; height – 5.5 cm. Weight – 1470 y. The device has a special fixing system. You can mount it on the wall. The battery (1.2 Ah) is the heart of the device. Turn off the device, a special signal will indicate that the device is on. Use the configurator to change the settings. You can also change the settings directly on the go.

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eur 95
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